About Simonyi BEDC



The Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneuship Center was established in 2013 as a center of excellence at the University of Pécs (hereinafter referred to as PTE), Faculty of Economics and Business (hereinafter referred to as KTK). The Simonyi BEDC was the first to integrate the existing capacities of the Pécs University of Applied Sciences (Pécs PTE) in the field of entrepreneurial capacity building, expansion and advisory services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Subsequently, at the RTD level, it integrated activities and activities that fostered the development of entrepreneurial capacity in an inter- and multi-disciplinary manner. The development of the structure and activities of the Simonyi BEDC was based, on the one hand, on the Summer University on Entrepreneurship Consulting, which was organised for more than 10 years at the PTE, organised by the PTE in collaboration with the Business School of Ohio University and financially supported for 10 years by the Charles Simonyi Foundation. The centre was also helped by the relationship with local economic actors in the KTK, formalised in a sustainability-focused innovation cluster, the Blue Economy Innovation Cluster.


The mission of the Simonyi BEDC Enterprise Development Centre, as a centre of excellence, is to expand and develop entrepreneurial and business capacity, skills and capabilities in order to explore, develop and market inter- and multidisciplinary innovations and innovations. The Simonyi BEDC also aims to achieve entrepreneurial and innovation capacity building and development through the institutionalised, continuous and effective collaboration of academic and competitive actors. In pursuing these objectives, the organisation strives for transnational and international cooperation, thus broadening the opportunities and space for the marketisation of domestic innovations and innovations, and providing impulses, information and knowledge for entrepreneurs generating innovations and innovations or having this potential.


The Simonyi BEDC aims to achieve its mission by building on the knowledge base of the PTE, i.e. by being university-centred and based on a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, in order to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Providing entrepreneurial opportunities for students, researchers, faculty;
  2. Developing PTE's educational portfolio and curriculum for entrepreneurship capacity building;
  3. Creating entrepreneurship development opportunities for socio-economic actors in the South Transdanubian region;
  4. Providing structured links between university citizens and socio-economic actors through a mentoring network, drawing heavily on the PTE Alumni network and its international network;
  5. Increasing the entrepreneurial activity of university students by promoting the development of student-led clubs and organisations.