Microcredit programme

Would you put together the course of your dreams? Not enough credits for scholarships? Want to gain practical knowledge?

Collect microcredits through the microcredit programme organised by the Centre for Applied Learning. Microcredits are credits you can earn outside of your required curriculum by completing the activities listed.

What activities can you get microcredits for?

  • Participation in a short cycle training course organised by the Centre for Applied Learning (4, 10 suitable trainings) 
  • Attendance at World of Practice lectures
  • Participation in iExpo
  • Participation in workshops organised by TalentSpot
  • Participation in TDK and participation as a TDK spectator
  • Participation in the EcoSim simulation competition

Microcredits can help you to further enhance the practical experience you have gained during your studies. You can gain knowledge that will be useful for you when you enter the world of work.

For more information: beller.noemi [at] ktk.pte.hu or contact CAL Office B315.

(For training courses and lectures held online, attendance will be confirmed by means of the online attendance sheet, no QR code scanning required.)