TALK with Successful Professionals Graduated from OUR SCHOOL and Kickstart Your Career!

The term alumni refers to former students of a particular school or institution, which has evolved into an internationally used expression to refer to graduates of a school.

The Alumni Mentor Programme aims to provide students with the opportunity to be mentored by successful corporate professionals who graduated from our School, thereby assisting students in their life paths, studies, and careers.

The main interface for the programme is Openup (, which is a self-developed online platform exclusively for our current and alumni students, staff, and corporate partners of UPFBE.

Openup is where the mentors are introduced, students and mentors can fill out their profiles, upload their CVs, and where student selection take place. Overall, the mentorship itself, the conversation between the mentor and the mentee is the only element that will be conducted in person/online. All other related steps will take place on Openup.

Mentoring involves 1 hour of informal conversations between you and your Mentor, where you can discuss your career goals, ask questions about the profession you are intereted in, and seek advice on your studies and career path.

The program schedule is as follows:

On March 25, the opportunity to apply to mentors opens and lasts for two weeks until April 7. During this time, students have the opportunity to apply to one mentor who they find most appealing. Each student can only apply to one mentor. It is worthwhile to create a high-quality, attractive profile to catch the attention of mentors

The evaluation period begins on April 8 and lasts until April 21. During this time, students cannot modify their applications. It is the mentors' turn to review the profiles and resumes of the students who applied to them and decide which student(s) they would like to mentor.

Once the successful selection and acceptance of students have been completed, the students will be notified. During the selection process, mentors have the opportunity to send feedback to the students who applied. Accepted students can be provided with Mentors' contact information. Then, it is up to the students to contact the mentor to finalize the details.

You can find information about the Mentors on Openup under the Mentor Programme menu, specifically under the Alumni Mentor submenu. Here, you can also view their profiles to determine which mentor you find most appealing and with whom you would like to participate in a mentoring session!

Mentors who have written their introductions in English will provide mentorship in English.

Our mentors are professionals working in various fields who are eager to get to know you! Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to kickstart your career and increase your network! Register on Openup and apply now!

If you have any questions, contact our colleagues at berenyi.boglarka [at] or visit office B315 in person.

Alumni Mentor Programme