Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program


Entrepreneurial mind-set helps individuals in every discipline, profession and cultural background to become more proactive, self-aware, visionary, innovative, risk sharing and influential. The Simonyi Summer Entrepreneurship Consulting Program is designed to train and mentor participants from diverse disciplines to get involved in improving their own and their peers’ entrepreneurial mind-set. The international participants will be learning and acting at the capacity of entrepreneurship consultants helping Start-ups, regional and international Public/Private, For Profit and Not For Profit organizations.  Multi-disciplinary Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Commercialization and Sustainable Regional Development, smart specialization is some of the major areas of the four week long work and practice.

The program takes a needs based learning approach and extends the opportunity for  practicing Creative Communication, Networking, Contracting and Negotiation Policy, Strategy, Sales, Business Planning and Market Research , Ideation and Showcasing, Management and Business Consulting, Project Management,  Action Research , Appreciative Inquiry and not least of all Applied /Experiential Learning.

Participants learn how to co-creation solutions through hands-in consulting working different teams with at least two project owners.

Teams showcase their solutions in front of a professional panel at the end of the four week long program.