Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program



Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program 2023 Schedule (June 30 - July 15)

The "Simonyi Summer School," as many call it, is a two-week program that offers intellectually vibrant, interactive, and interesting 2-week professional work program where Hungarian, American, and European students, companies, and researchers work together on entrepreneurial projects that could mean a breakthrough for the South Transdanubian region due to their innovative nature, with sustainability, and resilience focus. During the Simonyi Summer School, the project development teams hold personal consultations with project owners, brainstorm possible implementation directions, and seek real locations and utilization in close collaboration with the city and regional stakeholders, all in English.

The two-week long program starts with team building every year, where students and senior trainers get to know each other and form teams. The daily eight-hour work is supported by senior trainers who provide professional support to the teams. The "Daily Stand Up" meetings allow teams to report to each other on project development and seek the opinions and assistance of other teams if they get stuck on anything. This is how joint learning and co-creation happens! Continuous client meetings and informal socializing further facilitate the professional progress and networking of teams until they reach the Pre-Pitch, where they can try how to communicate the project to the target market. This trial is followed by fine-tuning presentations and then Final Presentations, where the completed projects are presented to a wider audience, and after the challenge is completed and excitement is over, we relax and conclude the two-week intensive work with a Closing Banquet event.

If you see a professional challenge in developing real projects in English for two weeks, eight hours a day with interesting people, you will find all the important details at the links below, contact us at simonyibedc [at] Here are some inspiring videos from previous years' programmes:

Video 2016

Video 2017

Video 2018

Video 2019