You may begin your application as soon as today.  Please read all instructions available on our webpage regarding the requirements and method of applying. There are limits in terms of number of accepted students. It is advised that you begin your process as soon as possible. Note (1) If you are Non OECD applicant you should know that the visa process may take up to three months. Note (2) An Orientation Day will be announced for the end of May (participation physically or remotely is optional).

Detailed calendar is available here



Social events and extracurricular activities:

The Simonyi Summer School is proud to have developed into a community forming experience that shapes the mind sets of all its participants, students, lecturers, mentors and entrepreneurs alike. The social events and extracurricular activities smoothly accommodate into the goal of the program: they enhance the opportunity to share social-change triggering concepts and ideas, to gain deeper insights into a regions possibilities and problems as well as promoting international cooperation.


2th July, Sunday

Opening Banquet, the best place to get acquainted and start networking

7th July, Friday 

Wine tasting at a renowned regional winery. You will have a chance to  understand the achievements and challenges of agricultural enterprises in South-Transdanubia, as well as enhance  awareness of the connection of sustainability and social commitment to modern day entrepreneurship.   

5th July, Wednesday

Field Trip

with briefing, work and client meetings

14th July, Friday

Closing  Banquet, the last chance to get acquainted and say goodbye to your new friends and colleagues.  



Participants who successfully meet the academic requirements of the program and do a final presentation will earn 12 US/ 7 ECTS credit points.

Participants will be awarded with Certificate of Credits and Participation at the closing ceremony of the program.

The syllabus of the program can be downloaded here