You may begin your application as soon as today.  Please read all instructions available on our webpage regarding the requirements and method of applying.
There are limits in terms of number of accepted students. It is advised that you begin your process as soon as possible.
Note (1) If you are Non OECD applicant you should know that the visa process may take up to three months.
Note (2) An Orientation Day will be announced for the end of May (participation physically or remotely is optional).


The schedule

Navigating in Pécs
There are several modes of transport to consider when moving around in Pécs. Almost every place in the city can be reached by the local bus network (more information about schedules and prices can be found HERE), or by taxi (in many cases this is a cheaper option, more information on the fares can be found HERE), as well as on foot, since Pécs is a relatively smaller, walkable city.
Every location can be found on Google Maps (Waze, Apple Maps, etc. are not so popular in the country) you can use the app to find your way around the city, check opening hours, etc. Additionally the local bus schedule is also synchronized with the system, meaning that bus travel can also be planned using the app.
To assist in finding all the necessary locations links to their Google Maps page will be shared, making you able to plan a trip only in a few clicks.
Keeping cash on you is advised (HUF), even though most places accept credit/debit cards there are exceptions. For example when using public passport and buying a ticket on the bus, only cash payment is accepted. However, there are digital alternatives in most cases, either you can buy bus ticket or a bus pass in an App, or pay online, etc. In addition American Express cards for example are usually not accepted in the country.


Faculty building
The Faculty of Business and Economics (green building) can be found adjacent to the the Faculty of Law (orange building). On the first day we will meet in front of the Faculty Entrance, which can be reached through the campus yard.

The Hatchery is community space serving as the base of operations for the Simonyi Summer School. It is located on the 4th floor in the east wing of the building. Its exact location will be shown during the Campus Tour on Day One, however if you forget you can use the guide below:

  • From the Faculty entrance head up the the 3rd floor using the main staircase.
  • Turn right and go through the corridor.
  • After the corridor turns right, on the left side a staircase will be located leading to the 4th floor.
  • Welcome to the Hatchery!

Bagolyvár is a restaurant located on the hill. It can be reached by bus 33 (leaving at 17:18 from Árkád). The dinner here will be free for the group, however anything ordered in addition to it will be charged to the person ordering.

Corso Hotel
The Corso Hotel is located a few minutes walk away from the faculty. There are parking areas near it, the bus will pick us up there on Tuesday.

Szántódpuszta is a tourist attraction near the Lake Balaton, 2 teams will have their Client-kickoff meeting here, while the other will have the opportunity to experience the Hungarian "heritage". A Coffee Shop will be located here where participants can buy food and/or drink (at own expense, cash is advised).

Located near Szántódpuszta lies Balatonföldvár a small coastal town. Here we will spend approximately 2,5 hours. During this "free time" the students can visit local restaurants, eat, drink, explore the town, or even swim in the lake (depending on the weather). In case of swimming bring dry clothes for the trip. (None of the expenses are covered by the University)

Kéthely is an other smaller town in the region where we will visit two businesses. We will visit the Kristinus wine cellar first (with opportunity to buy quality Hungarian wine), after which a team will have their Client-kickoff meeting, while the others can have some free time. After the meeting dinner will be served including a main course, desert and a drink, anything ordered in addition must be paid for separately.

Holcim Hungary
Holcim Hungary Ltd. (their website can be found HERE), is a cement factory offering unique solutions for the construction industry, employs nearly 150 people and had a net sales revenue of more than 28 billion forints in 2021. Holcim Hungary operates a cement factory in Királyegyháza and a clay and limestone quarry in Bükkösd. The Királyegyháza Cement Factory has been operating with the most advanced technology available since 2011 and has become one of the leading construction material manufacturers in Hungary.

Hotel Kikelet
Similarly to Bagolyvár, Hotel Kikelet can be found on Mecsek, the hill next to our beautiful city. The easiest way to reach it is by taxi. The closing event of the Summer School will take place here, as usual dinner for all participants is included, however anything in additional should be paid for.

Extra information

Local Bus Transport
The public bus network reaches all parts of the city. The schedule of the busses is integrated into the Google Maps app, making it convenient for you to plan a trip. When travelling by bus, you will have to have a ticket validated on that specific bus (each ticket can be used once). The ticket can be bought online using the Mobiljegy mobile app (iOS/Android) or Simple Pay (iOS/Android), or in person from the bus driver (cash required). Weekly Passes can also be bought either online or in person at the TükeBusz Office. However, the prices should be considered, to find the best option.

  • Weekly Pass - 3500 HUF
  • 1-time ticket - 400 HUF if bought in advance or 500 HUF on the bus

Taxi network
There are several Taxi Companies operating in the city, however Bolt is the most recommended due to their developed mobile app. You can order a taxi online using the app and track its progress. When sharing a taxi the price can be approximately the same or even cheaper than of bus transport.

Ordering Food
In the city there are two major delivery services with several restaurants. You can order from either Wolt or Foodora.

Currency Exchange
There are several exchange options all around the city. To find these just search for them on Google Maps, you can check reviews and locations there. Based on our students' reviews Correct Change located near the city centre is not just the most trustworthy in town, but also the closest.


Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
Zsolnay Quarter
includes the unique exhibitions presenting the Zsolnay heritage. The collection of an estimated value of two HUF billions of Dr. László Gyugyi returned from America, and the exhibition where it is displayed is called the Golden Age of Zsolnay. The earliest Zsolnay products are presented at the Pink Exhibition, including some 1,200 objects. These two are made complete by the Family and Factory History Exhibition. On the hill, near the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, the Zsolnay Mausoleum, with 42 lions guarding the secret of eosin, the resting place of the Zsolnay family can be visited in its original splendour.

The first optical planetarium of the country opened its gates in Pécs in 1970. Instead of the former observatory today a brand new planetarium awaits visitors in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. This is the first place in Europe where a digital projector of this type with outstanding picture quality and resolution serves the public.

Cella Septichora
Sopianae, predecessor of Pécs in the Roman times had its late Roman Paleochristian cemetery (called Cella Septichora) included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in the year 2000. In their architecture and wall-paintings the excavated finds present the Early Christian burial architecture and art of the Northern and Western provinces of the Roman Empire. From among the Hungarian world heritage sites the Early Christian cemetery is the only one that has won itself a place on the UNESCO world heritage list in the category of culture-historical architecture.

- as the entrance to the Central Mecsek Mountains - is located on a plateau 253 metres above sea level. The four and a half hectare park is now used exclusively as a green park and recreation area. It is surrounded on three sides by hills, with the town of Pécs below to the south. The square itself was built on the site of a quarry that was probably used by the Romans. Its name probably derives from the Turkish word 'tekia', meaning 'monastery'. The word refers to the summer palace of Bishop György Szathmáry, built in the early 16th century and used as a dervish monastery in Turkish times. The ruins of the summer palace on the southern part of the square are a popular tourist attraction, and in summer they also house an open-air theatre.

TV Tower
Looking back to the past, the present-day TV Tower replaced the 15 metres tall Kiss József lookout that had been built in 1908. It had been dismantled in 1967, the year before the construction of the TV Tower began. The lookout had been named after the secretary of Mecsek Association and the tower had been guarded by a sentinel who had had a guardhouse at his disposal. A plaque made by Miklós Zsolnay had been displayed in the lookout that can be found in the TV Tower now. A meteorological station and a 70-metre-high transmission tower made of iron had been built next to the lookout. This was the first tower in the countryside that transmitted the programmes of MTV1 from 1958 until it was dismantled in 1968.

Pécs Zoo
was built as a community project by the locals between 1959 and 1961. The zoo was opened before the end of the construction work on 19 August 1960 and has been operational ever since as the only big traditional zoo in Southern Transdanubia. It is a member of the Hungarian Association of Zoos and Aquariums and received temporary membership to the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums in 2017. The zoo was established in a unique environment surrounded by several natural habitats that are part of the European Ecological Network called Natura 2000.

Széchenyi Square
Széchényi Square is the spacious and mediteranean centre of the city.
In its centre, the mosque of Gazi Qasim Pasha is a symbol of conquest, the triumph of Christianity and religious tolerance that has now forgotten the religious disputes. The new paving of the square was completed in 2010 as part of the European Capital of Culture programme. Water steps follow the footsteps of pedestrians, and on hot summer days the silence of siesta in the afternoons and the clamor of the younger generation in the evenings take over the stones and benches.


Csinos (Ruin pub)
Not long after it was opened, Csinos became one of the most popular ruin pub and community space in downtown Pécs. Acting as a hotspot for the students of Pécs.
It is a new kind of community space, created through community design, featuring hobby, retro, color and creativity. Its menu is centered around alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Pécs and the area, but they have a strong selection of local teas and homemade syrups too. Food is also served, their menu can be found below:

Bar of Legends (Boardgame Bar)
Bar of Legends is the first and only gamer bar of Pécs, offering several Board Games and fantasy themed cocktails. Last year the whole group visited the bar during the Summer School and everyone had a blast.

Zsanér (Pub)
is another famous pub of Pécs located on the main street of the city centre (Király street). Zsanér, just as Csinos acts as a hotspot for University of Pécs students.

Est (Club)
can be a cosy, nice tasting and fine smelling club where you can meet new people, dance, and party all night. It can be an event house with the most diverse concerts and programmes from punk to jazz, from blues to techno. Or it can - what matters most to the team of Pécsi Est - be simply a good place where you could go for a thousand good reasons, but mostly you just go because you feel like it.

For a list of other places recommended by the Student Council of the University of Pécs click on the link HERE.