02/19/2024 - 08:35


During the last week of the study period, our Faculty held the iExpo Week event organized by the Center for Applied Learning (CAL).

Closing presentations were held for several courses, including co-taught courses with our partners, which were evaluated by instructors as well as our corporate partners. We congratulate the participating students for their high-quality presentations and thank our partners for participating in the event!

On December 6th, the inter-university iExpo was held, which ended with great success; many PTE students were able to show their work to both PTE and corporate experts!

What we are proud of:

  • Students from 7 PTE faculties submitted work
  • Almost 300 students registered and participated in the event
  • More than 80 corporate experts signed up and participated in the analysis of the works
  • A total of more than 120 experts were present
  • Total prize value of over 1 million forints  

What does the future hold?

CAL provides similarly practical opportunities for students throughout the entire semester. As a student or corporate partner, these are events where you can build real relationships!

Highlighted events:

iExpo - May 8th.

iExpo is an event where students present their projects, research, and business ideas on various topics prepared during the semester in a reverse job fair format. Participants also have the opportunity to showcase their personal competencies alongside their professional work. The event also provides a great opportunity for companies looking for future employees to get to know the abilities of our students and student teams.

Hackathon - March 20-21.

A one-and-a-half-day fun and exciting event where you can meet people with similar interests, solve interesting tasks, improve your teamwork skills, get a crash course on how to take an idea to fruition, and respond to a problem with a specific product or service. If you apply for the Simonyi Hackathon, you can brainstorm ideas in various topics and develop specific proposals.