MSc Entrepreneurship

mesterszakMSc Entrepreneurship is a newly designed academic program offered to students with Bachelor level degrees. This program is available to non-business Bachelor graduates as well, who are required to complete 60 additional credits in the field of general business studies. The program equips student with an in-depth, rigorous knowledge in the field of general business, methodology, and economics, highlighting the role of entrepreneurship in regional development while putting heavy emphasis on the development of personal skills and competences (see Exhibit 2 for the design of the Master). Students enrolling into the program complete 120 credit hours that include the oral defense of their thesis dissertation in the 4th semester. Master students in their 3rd and 4th semester are required to participate in the Simonyi Incubation and Growth Programs (see later) as “senior learners” and “Assistant Mentors” for the consulting teams. These positions are to develop leadership and teaching skills.