At Simonyi BEDC working with entrepreneurs of all kind with organizations, communities from different cultural and knowledge background gives us the invaluable opportunity to observe the behavior and transformation of these stakeholders and to document these observations. By documenting the evolution of processes we can fine tune our programs, events and mechanisms and can also publish these results to the academic community. We also hope that the results of our research will give valuable information to those who become the member of our ecosystem.

We conduct research on the individual, on the organizational and on the mezzo, ecosystem level. Some of the themes include:

  • Entrepreneurship competence, and its development,
  • Entrepreneurship education,
  • Role of crowdfunding in entrepreneurship education,
  • Timing of financing decisions in the early stage ventures,
  • Competitiveness of small and medium size enterprises,
  • Role of universities in entrepreneurship capacity building,
  • Factors effecting the quality of university based entrepreneurship ecosystems,
  • Features of entrepreneurship centers at universities.

Beside academic research students have the opportunity to conduct their master or bachelor thesis research in the field of entrepreneurship and for those who are seeking carrier in academia can carry their thesis research further to participate in academic championships for students. We at Simonyi BEDC provide all the support to students who are interested in understanding entrepreneurship in more detail.