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  • Professional C.V.
  • Motivation Letter (If you wish to enter as an “Idea Owner” as well, include this in your motivational letter.) The Motivation Letter will be expressing your aims for participating in the program and the most important take-aways you’re expecting from the program. It is always good to read about your views regarding your unique “social and technical qualities”.
  • timely transfer of participation fees If you have to apply for visa we advise you to initiate the transfer before the 14th of June.



  Ordinary fee packages For Simonyi partners PTE Students * Hungarian Citizens **

Package 1.

  • Academic program
  • Social events
  • Accommodation: Fordan Hotel , half-board
1650 USD 1350 USD 1350 USD 1450 USD

Package 2.

  • Academic program
  • Social events
  • Accommodation: Fordan Hotel, breakfast only
1450 USD 1250 USD 1250 USD 1350 USD

Package 3.

  • Academic program
  • Social events
  • Accommodation: Dormitory placement
700 USD - 330 USD 450 USD

Package 4.

  • Academic program
  • Social events 
560 USD - 190 USD 310 USD

The fees marked with * are subsidized by the Hungarian State and the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics.

The fees marked with ** are subsidized by the Hungarian State.

Please note that flight, travel and transportation costs any trip to the region, sightseeing and cultural events are not included in the participation fee.

Cancellation Policy : 190 USD of the participation fee is NON REFUNDABLE.

The program generally operates on a policy of non-refunding fees. This is an applied environment under which the program is held accountable in relation to its clients and expects; the same is expected of participants.



The University of Pécs offers scholarship fo University of Pécs students. The scholarship may provide full coverage of the Participation Fee. If you would like to win the scholarship please indicate argue for it in your Motivation Letter.

For further information please turn to Dorisz Györkő (gyorko.dorisz [at]

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The Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19.


Filling in online registration form:
(keep in mind visa regulation if needed) 

29th May 2020

Fees due: 

14th June 2020

Arrival & Registration: 

3rd-5th July 2020

Welcome/ Pécs City tour: 

Start of the academic program: 

4th July 2020

6th July 2020

End of the program: 

24th July 2020