Simonyi 5let Outlet Idea Competition


5let outlet

An idea can be the beginning of a groundbreaking new initiative, product or service. Why wouldn’t you try to explore it with us?

The Simonyi BEDC announces the "5LET OUTLET" idea competition for the citizens of the University of Pécs with the aim of supporting the conversion of creativity and innovative capacity within the students, lecturers and employees into a successful business competence and opportunity.

The competition is the first phase of the development process that turns ideas into new, unique solutions. The idea is only the beginning, in order to transform the idea into action you have to work very hard on the model that will make the concept work. You will need to interact with others during this process, you will have to include others in your team as you cannot be the expert of everything. This transformation process will be pursued during the Simonyi Incubation Program, which will involve many people, who are dedicated to the same cause, which is to “create something out of nothing”. The “5LET OUTLET” idea competition is only to bring the idea, your wish out, which is the first, very important step in the process of becoming an entrepreneur.

Bring your idea to light and start the exciting journey of becoming an entrepreneur!

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