This is the physical concentration of the entrepreneurial activity on Campus. It is ideal place for brainstorming, teamwork and meeting. You can feel the creative energy when you enter this special room, where businesses and young entrepreneurs meet to co-create and to co-learn, where members of the Simonyi entrepreneurship ecosystem brainstorm.




In the Hatchery you can have an office space if you are part of the Simonyi Incubation Program. You can use it day and night to organize meetings for your team to talk to business professionals to validate your concept or to meet with your mentor.

The Hatchery is also the “jurisdiction” of the students, in another word it is organized by the students for the students. You will be responsible for having interactions, speakers within this space the management team of the Simonyi BEDC only provides you support in the organization process. Students have to come up with ideas how to best utilize this space that supports their entrepreneurial development.