Is your business in trouble and you can't find the right solution? Do you have a new idea to grow your business?    


  • The Simonyi BEDC welcomes applications from businesses that have encountered a problem or want to expand their business but don't know exactly how or don't have the capacity to develop possible solutions and methods. The Simonyi Incubation Program offers student teams the opportunity to develop a specific project under the guidance of expert mentors, according to the needs of the company. It is a mutually beneficial relationship from the perspective of both the company and the students, as the students can work on solving real business problems and the company can have a ready-made concept that only needs to be implemented.
  • As in the Incubation Program, groups of students work on a problem, developing new innovative ideas, but in a more intensive 3-week programme. The advantage of the Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program is that it involves a large number of foreign students, who can approach a problem from a different angle or come up with a new, less familiar solution.

  Would you like to share your experiences with young talents?

Simonyi Mentor Program


  • The Mentor Program aims to provide practitioners to assist in the business or technology development of a product and/or service, and to advise the Incubation Program teams in order to make the project development process as efficient as possible.

 Apply to be a mentor if you feel like helping creative, entrepreneurial young people!       


   Would you like to meet talented students with whom your company could later collaborate?


  • The Simonyi Pitch Competitions are designed for teams participating in the Incubation Program to present their business ideas, get feedback from a professional jury, develop partners and new relationships that can benefit projects. We welcome all those interested in seeing what creative, innovative ideas are being generated in the ecosystem of the Simonyi BEDC.


  • The competition is an online presentation competition in an international environment where teams have to outline the strengths and potential of their idea in 2 minutes. Uploaded videos will be judged by an international jury, who will also provide constructive feedbacks. The competition consists of two parts, a local and an international round.*

          *Temporary not available



  •, the international global incubation platform aims to bring together entrepreneurial individuals, enable interaction between entrepreneurs from home and abroad, foster cooperation and allow entrepreneurial creativity.

  Are you or your colleagues interested in further training in the field of enterprise development?

  • The University of Pécs offers Certificate Programs, which are two-semester courses in English and are offered every autumn.

There are three types of Certificate Programs:



  • The MSc Entrepreneurship is designed to train professionals who have a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge of entrepreneurship development and are able to apply it confidently and professionally to the practicalities of business at home and abroad.