As a researcher, you may have noticed that, in addition to your scientific research, you have a number of ideas that are relatively easy to implement and even turn into business activities, but do not necessarily have a high impact research potential. The development programmes, meetings and community of the Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneurship Center help you to turn such ideas, which are not necessarily scientific results or inventions, into marketable products or services by building the entrepreneurial capacity in you that is essential to develop them into products or services. Entrepreneurship capacity building will help you develop your market perspective, market knowledge, learn the language needed to sell your product or service and, last but not least, understand the needs of potential partners and investors so that you can represent your interests in future business negotiations and meetings. In addition to acquiring knowledge and developing skills, you will build up a personal network of business contacts that will support you in your future business activities.

The Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneurship Center not only offers you the opportunity to learn, develop skills and abilities together, and generate new ideas, but also provides you with a mentally vibrant environment, an entrepreneurial ecosystem, to ensure that the flow of development and business opportunities is continuous.

Have you a business idea or invention but you don't know how to take it forward? OR Are you a recognised researcher in a field but cannot commercialise your research?

  • We can provide the team, mentor and infrastructure to turn your idea into a business foundation that will attract funding from venture capitalists.Simonyi BEDC is launching a business idea competition entitled "5LET OUTLET" for the citizens of the University of Pécs with the aim of promoting the transformation of the creativity and innovativeness of Pécs University students, lecturers, researchers and staff into business success skills. Successful applicants will be eligible to participate in the Simonyi Incubation Program, where they will have access to funding opportunities, networking opportunities and intellectual capital, which will together facilitate the start-up phase of the business venture. In addition, at the end of the competition, applicants will become members of an inspiring and vibrant community with exclusive access to its network of experts/connectors and events.


  • Dr. Bálint Bencze's business idea "HerbaDental" was incubated in the Simonyi Incubation Program and reached the commercialisation phase in 2015. The product is sold under the brand name "HerbaDei mouthwash" through the Béres Health Library in pharmacies and Herbaház's assortment, and is available on the HerbaDei website. The researcher from the University of Pécs, with the support of the program participants, has independently acquired entrepreneurial skills and abilities that have helped him to succeed.


Do you want to raise capital for your research?

  • At the Simonyi Final Pitch, participants have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists, regional representatives from the business development community, invited speakers from Simonyi experts andfrom the UP Faculty of Business and Economics. By successfully participating in the event, those with an idea can gain valuable contacts and even financial support. Hiventures Venture Capital Fund is regularly represented at our events, looking for feasible, innovative ideas.
  • The International Video Pitch Competition is a competition in an international environment where applicants have the opportunity to raise capital for their project and receive constructive feedbacks from experts from home and abroad to further develop their project. The competition consists of two rounds, with first and second place winners in each round receiving cash prizes.*

      *Temporary not available


   Do you want to share your knowledge with others?

  • The Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program, also known as Simonyi Summer University, is a 3-week intensive programme that takes place every year in July. The language of the programme is English and it is open to both Hungarian and foreign students. During the 3 weeks, participants develop solutions to real business problems in the region. We welcome applications from professionals who feel they can contribute their professional knowledge and experience to the development of the participants.
Simonyi Mentor Program
  • The Mentor Program is designed to provide practitioners to assist in the business or technology development of a product and/or service, and to advise the Incubation Program teams in order to make the project development process as successful as possible. Apply to be a mentor if you feel like mentoring creative, entrepreneurial young people.

Would you like to join the ecosystem?

Simonyi Ambassador Program
  • Simonyi Ambassadors are catalysts for the spread of entrepreneurship and facilitators of the process whereby entrepreneurial individuals network, collaborate and synergise with each other to create even greater value and opportunity. We welcome applications from colleagues who would like to spread the entrepreneurial mindset, mindset and "feel" and who believe it is important to build it into people's everyday lives.